Index of types

cache_c_t [Pll]
circuit [Circuit]
Data structure for arithmetic circuits.
condition [Mn.Factor]
condition represents an equality or inequality constraint on a variable's value.
condition [Circuit]
condition represents a variable value combination in features.
cpd [Bn]
A CPD can be represented as a table, tree, or set of factors.
cpnode [Bn]
Represents a node in a tree-structured CPD.

data_t [Spn]
deriv_scratch [Circuit]
Data structure for computing the derivatives of circuits with respect to features.

evidence_t [Circuit]
Evidence data structure that specifies value of each indicator variable.
example_t [Data]
example_t [Circuit]
example_t [Pll]
expat_parser [Expat]
The type of expat parsers

factor [Mn.Factor]
Different factor representations for factor graphs.
feature [Mn.Factor]
A feature is a set of conditions and a weight parameter.
feature [Circuit]
Represents feature and its weight in the coresponding log-linear model of the arithmetic circuit.

heap [Ext.Heap]

key [Circuit.NMap]
key [Circuit.NSet]
key [Ext.Hashtbl.SeededS]
key [Ext.Hashtbl.S]
key [Ext.Hashtbl.MakeSeeded]
key [Ext.Hashtbl.Make]

lbfgs_err [Lbfgs]
Type of error messages produced by LBFGS minimizer.
libra_filetype [Ext]
local_schema_t [Spn]

marginal_t [Data]
minicache_c_t [Pll]
mn_t [Pll]

ndetails [Circuit]
Different types of nodes in arithmetic circuits
network [Mn]
network data structure holds the Markov network factors.
network [Bn]
Represents a Bayesian network or dependency network.
node [Circuit]
Each element in an arithmetic circuit is a node (including parameters, plus, times, and indicators), which has a unique hashid.

pcond [Mn.Factor.MP]
pfactor [Mn.Factor.MP]
pfeature [Mn.Factor.MP]
pfeaturelist [Mn.Factor.MP]
pll_cache_t [Pll]
pmn [Mn.Factor.MP]
ptree [Mn.Factor.MP]

satisfaction [Pll]
Keep track of how many violations of a conjunctive feature are present -- zero, one, or more than one.
schema_t [Spn]
schema_t [Data]
schema_t [Circuit]
Data types from Data module.
schema_t [Bn]
A domain schema specifies the cardinality of each (discrete) variable.
schema_t [Pll]
scratch_t [Circuit]
Helper data structure for circuit inference.
spn_node_type [Spn]
Different node types in SPNs
spnode [Spn]
Each node in an SPN is a spnode.
statistics [Ext.Hashtbl]
stats_counter [Ext]

t [Circuit.NMap]
t [Circuit.NSet]
t [Ext.String]
t [Ext.Hashset]
t [Ext.Hashtbl.SeededS]
t [Ext.Hashtbl.SeededHashedType]
t [Ext.Hashtbl.S]
t [Ext.Hashtbl.HashedType]
t [Ext.Hashtbl.MakeSeeded]
t [Ext.Hashtbl.Make]
t [Ext.Hashtbl]
t' [Ext.Hashset]
tree [Mn.Factor]
Recursive structure for tree representation of a factor.

valgrad_callback [Pll]
valgrad_func [Lbfgs]
Type of function callback used by the LBFGS minimizer.
variable [Mn.Factor]
Variables are represented as integer indices.
variable [Bn]
A BN variable structure includes additional information about variable and value names, for compatibility with some standard BN file formats.
varvalue [Mn.Factor]
A variable state is an integer index over a variable's range of values.

wexample_t [Data]
wexample_t [Pll]

xml_error [Expat]
xml_param_entity_parsing_choice [Expat]
Parameter entity handling types